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Performance Enhancement the Right Way

Sports and Performance Psychiatry 

Sports and Performance Psychiatry addresses the stressors unique to athletes and performers that can lead to significant mental obstacles. Many athletes experience being amped up for games but unable to sleep or eat well after which, in turn, fails to allow their body to restore crucial energy needed to remain successful in their roles.


Others endure shallow breathing, muscle tension, sweaty palms, fear, and self-doubt. Such internal unrest negatively affects game readiness, execution, and self-esteem but absolutely can be overcome by development of certain behavioral skills. 


Mind-body awareness and control are the keys to mental and emotional fitness which unlock “the zone.” These techniques are practiced regularly by serious athletes to safely and effectively perform above the competition.


Let our team help you get back in the zone!

Sports and Performance Psychiatry may
be helpful for:
  1. Returning to play after injury
  2. Losing a starting position
  3. Falling into a "slump"
  4. Eating disorders 
  5. Substance use problems 
  6. Retired players and coping with life "after" sports
  7. Development of team concussion protocols 
Key Components to Sports & Performance Psychiatry:
  1. Positive self-talk 
  2. Coordinated breathing and relaxation 
  3. Injury prevention
  4. Visual imagery 
  5. Muscle memory exercises 
  6. Pre-competition routines 
  7. Specific goal setting 
  8. Post-competition review 
Dura isn't just for Athletes, it's for Everyone! 
Life is a sport and everyday is a new game. 
Who we treat:
  1. Children/Teens/Adolescents
  2. Adults
  3. Athletes and Performers 
  4. Couples/Families/Groups 
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