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What is Dura?




Outermost and toughest membrane covering the brain.  Comes from the Latin word for strength. Appears in common terms of resilience such as durability and endurance.

       Adinkra Symbol: Dwennimmen



This symbolizes humility together with strength. A sign that is thought to help provide strength when faced with adversity. 

Dura emphasizes a dual approach toward addressing mental, emotional, and perhaps physical needs of our patients by first gaining an understanding of each person by listening and "talk therapy".


If appropriate, medication can be added to augment treatment with goals of addressing underlying causes, achieving symptom

relief, and increasing quality of life.


Treatment may also include a variety

of formats such as individual, group, couples,

or team therapies.


The approach is personalized for each individual patient - turning every issue and obstacle into an opportunity to grow, from Strength to Strength. 

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